The airbags ensure the safety of all passengers, enduring impacts to the maximum safety giving each and every individual a comfort ride


GOA Body (Global Outstanding Assessment)

GOA Body Structure is made of high tensile steel sheets and optimally designed to absorb the greatest impact energy.

(Hybrid Type)

Airbags Available at All Types

The Camry is equipped with SRS driver airbags, SRS front passenger airbags, SRS front side airbags, SRS curtain shield airbags and driver knee airbags.

(Hybrid Type)

WIL Concept Front Seat

In rear-end collision the occupant's upper body sink into the seatback with the back supported while headrest simultaneously support the head.

(Hybrid Type)

VSC (Vehicle Stability Control)

VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) will enhanced the driving stability while speeds up on slippery road or cornering.

(2.5 Hybrid & V Types)

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