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Beyond Performance

Embrace the advantages of Toyota Hybrid System. New powerful engine and top-notch Hybrid technology makes a better driving experience.

Feel the Serenity

Hybrid uses silent electric motor that switch to conventional engine smoothly, designed for a more peaceful drive.

Benefit More Than You Expect

Efficiently save your fuel without having to pay more for a service when compared to conventional car.

Accelerate with Ease

With instant torque and a faster response, the take-off becomes more efficient and more in control.

Experience a Gentle Ride

Smoothly ride in your adventurous journey with a controlled braking and more advanced automatic gear change.

Conquer Every Road

Enjoy any road, anywhere with a more powerful drive and stronger pull at lower revs.

The Invention of Innovation

In a constant search of improvements, Toyota New Global Architecture aims to achieve the fundamental vehicle platform.

All newly created structure is made to maximize driving experience, uniting the driver and vehicle.

Outstanding Performance

Double Wishbone Suspension

Body Rigidity

Precise Handling

Low Center Of Gravity

Excellent Visibility

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