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The Legend Continues

Toyota Land Cruiser has explored the Earth for more than 60 years. It has traveled more distance than any 4x4 vehicle in the world. This Japanese SUV is capable of doing hard work, rugged off-road activity, and it is capable to keep its passenger traveling in comfort. Toyota Land Cruiser comes up as a great deal of choice when it comes to four-wheel-drive adventure.


1960 - 1983

The Land Cruiser 40 series serves a handful of hard work. The first type that is offered with low-range gearbox and it is available in diesel and petrol engines. The Land Cruiser 40 series is very popular in Indonesia, due to its durability and off-road capability. Solid construction and affordable maintenance cost.


1990 - 2000

The Land Cruiser 80 series has higher capabilities than its predecessors. It has a larger size and copes better on off-road tracks. It has a roomy yet luxury interior and it is the toughest 4x4 SUV in the world. The Land Cruiser 80 is equipped with anti-lock brakes, SRS airbags and direct injection turbo diesel engine.

Beyond Exterior

A sophisticated explorer

Beyond Interior

Statement Of Excellence

Cabin comfort is essential for luxury vehicles. Even though the Land Cruiser 200 is prepared for the hardest terrains on earth, the three-row seating cabin can be identified as one of the most comfortable places on earth

Beyond Safety

Spirit Of Safety

Land Cruiser 200 cruises easily over terrains that would stop lesser vehicles in their tracks. When you have been tackling extreme environments as long as Land Cruiser has, you will learn how to combine both engineering and advanced technologies to assist you  towards destination

Beyond Performance

Admirable Off-Road Capability and Performance

The Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is finely engineered to muddle through rough terrains and rocky tracks. Supported by eco-sophisticated powertrain and advanced 4WD system

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